Travel Basics: A guide to Easy Travel in India in 2019 Vacations

Travel Basics: A guide to Easy Travel in India in 2019 Vacations

The essentials of preparations for travelling merely depends on the type and time we choose to travel, let’s say your vacation spot has much to do with the climate, then that means you need to prepare your travel as per that. Though this is a basic guide for travelling no matter where you are planning to go, this guide will help along.

  1. The bag you are carrying has to be very comfortable that is from your shoulder bag to luggage bag. Choose wisely, one which gives you less pressure. Make sure there are more separate pockets and sections in the bag to keep important docs and other thing at the front easily accessible.
  2. Do carry first aid, from bandages to medication which may be required as per climate change sicknesses. If you are allergic or any one else has some specific allergies, then don’t forget to carry the medication for some more extra days then you are expected to travel.
  3. Always keep some old currency cash on hand that too in smaller denominations. This will make shopping or payments easy, this also means keep some more cash in case of emergency and do carry a phone charger or power bank.
  4. Before you leave for the journey, make sure you know your planned route well enough to calculate distance and manage schedule. Check and confirm with the hotel for your bookings and also note down the address, which will make it easy to reach from a different transportation means. Don’t rely on your GPS at all times, you may be on a remote place where the network is weak, so better to have screenshots in your phone or a paper map.
  5. Develop a habit t reach prior at least an hour before departure from the source you are travelling from, and also finalize the places to visit in advance of your journey.
  6. Keep some eatable in hand, in case you need to face delays on reaching desired destination. This may also keep your blood pressure and sugar level balanced that is if you do carry food or snacks which are healthy.
  7. Footwear is very important during travel, your body gets most of its strength from its feet, so they need to be relaxed and comfortable. Avoid wearing footwear which is to tight causing shoe bite or too loose it may fall off.
  8. Always carry a light weight fleece wear, even in warmer climates, you may need it for the chilly nights or a rain day can get gold. And for the winter do upgrade the fleece wear to a cozier winter wear.

Just keep these basics in mind when planning a trip whether it’s a long vacation or a short weekend getaway.

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