Summer travel hacks 2019

Top 8 Latest Summer Travel Hacks you wish you knew before travel.

Summer Travel Hacks 2019

1)Buy a portable phone charger

A portable charger is necessary item while you travel. A phone is necessary to click pictures while you don’t have a DSLR camera, Important for making calls etc. A Charger enables you to save up battery for long time.

Must Carry things to travel

2)Only unpack what you really need

Packing essentials items while you travel is a one kind way to minimal your packing. As it helps during the airport checks if you are travelling by Airlines and also helps to lessen the load.

3)Make an instant lantern from a water bottle

When you travel to very remote places you don’t find any source of electricity but this problem can be solved by using an empty water bottle as a lantern. The further process is explained in the below pictures.

For further details watch video- Click Here

Here are some steps to follow:-
•A battery operated tea light. Picked them up at the local
•A short piece of wire, use sold wire if you can find it, or string if you want.

travel hacks

•Prepping the Bottle — Rinse out the bottle
•Cutting Flap Part 1– cut a slit near the bottom of the bottle.
About 1 1/2 inches long
•Cutting Flap Part 2 — 3rd cut up on both sides of the line about 1 1/2 inches

•Prepping the Top

•Last Step for the Top
•Tea Light.


4)Waterproof your bag with a bin liner

It helps as a rain cover for your backpack and to keep your inside stuff dry. They are light weight, Cheap, Super pack able and can even provide emergency shelter in a pinch.

5) Save space by rolling clothes instead of folding.

If you want to keep your clothes in your bag roll it up because firstly it saves up the space and also prevents clothes from wrinkling.

6) Book your flight or any bookings with a private browser

Using private browser to book your flights gives you the exact results of what you are searching and enables to find the cheaper results.
Private Browser key- Ctrl+shift+n

7) Add some dyer sheets to your suitcase

Just slip a dyer sheet inside before you put them away to await your next trip so as to keep the odors free and freshen up the carrying bag.

8) Pack a first-aid kit

First –aid kit is the must carry product when you are on travel as the weather conditions cannot be suitable for some people and some medications are important while travelling for ex- Medicines for headache, stomach, cold etc and some antiseptic creams.

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