Lesser Known Places of Gujarat – Gujarat Eco Campsites

Gujarat is a land so scared and pure of holy divinity and devotees, bigger saints have been from this holy land and there are a number of places which relates to the old traditions and cultures. Gujarat binds India with its pure divinity and unforgotten textiles and crafts and cultural rituals still existing today.

On the modern end of the world it also has big Metro cities which are the fastest growing Cities in India like Ahmadabad, Surat and others. As the tourists from outside India and as well as Indians are now fond of fun, adventure and gaming apart from relaxing holidays, new places and villages have been found to be camping sites entertaining visitors with nature beauty and camp life.

In the same way… Gujarat was not much known for ts green lush forests and valleys, lakes and rivers but now it is emerging as one of the states with best Eco campsites in Gujarat filled with adventure and wildlife camping. Some of the most popular places have also evolved to big resorts and campsites for tourists to enjoy for more than just a day trip to a night stay hosted in luxury cottages, huts or camping tents.

Forests and wildlife sites in Gujarat are mostly scattered over the Dangs, Rajpipla – Vadodara route and the wildlife sanctuaries, national parks which also offer these camping sites as an experience.

Gujarat tourism places with eco campsite that have well amenities and easily accessible top eco tourism campsites in Gujarat. There are many more which are not in this list, but are available on this article of Eco Tourism in Gujarat. (http://www.ecotourismgujarat.com/eco-campsites.html)

Kevdi Eco Campsite -Vadodra

Kevdi barodaThis is one of the most visited campsites around Vadodara, making it easy for visitors visit quiet often.
Location: 132 km from Baroda and falls on the route to Jambughoda Sanctuary.




Padam Dungri Eco Campsite – Unai – Surat

Padam Dungri Eco Campsite - Unai - Surat

This is a place which is located by the river bank of the Unai region, closer to Surat city a campsite for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Enjoy Adventure like Zip line, Water Zorbing, Dirt Bikes Watch Video to have a look at the place. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1UXFpmDMeQ)
Location: 87 km from Surat.




Sagai Malsamot campsite – Rajpipla

This eco campsite is close to the Dediapada Sanctuary and which also has the Ninai Waterfalls attractions in the winding roads to the destination. Well equipped accommodation and trekking, nature trails are what will attract you here.
Location – Accessible from Chandod or Baroda – Rajpipla

Mahal Eco campsite – Dang

Mahal campsiteThis is a very beautiful campsite with big tall standing trees and tree houses of 2 floors built to sit and enjoy the scenic view of the river flowing besides it. Its located in the village Mahal – Ahwa in The Dangs. You can accomodation here, nut no food, you will have to make your own and enjoy camping.
Location: 122 km from Surat, Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahal – Ahwa Dang. 30 km from Ahwa.


Vishal Khadi Campsite – Rajpipla

This is yet another nature friendly eco campsite near Rajpipla. Enjoy wildlife and nature, cold breezes and waterfalls, situated along the river where you can boat in the Kajra River with well set accommodation camp tents and cottages on the banks.
Location: 20 km from Rajpipla-Netrang




Zarwani Eco Campsite – Shoolpaneshwar Sanctuary


This is a campsite located inside the Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary situated near Rajpipla. It’s known for beauty of landscapes and wildlife viewing, and a view of the Zarwani waterfalls.
Location: Rajpipla – Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary




Dhanpari Eco campsite – Jambughoda

Dhanpari campsite - champaner

This campsite is located inside the Jambughoda wildlife sanctuary which has major wildlife attractions like leopards, jackals, blue bulls, antelopes, bears ad more. You can find equipped accommodation houses. The reservoirs of the Kda dam, is where the forest rest house is situated for the beauty of the scenic view.
Location: Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary, Panchmahal, Champaner




Polo Forest Campsite – Vijaynagar

Polo Forest SiteThis is closer for the weekenders of Ahmedabad, enjoy dense forests and camping in peace here at this eco campsite. Its located by the river Vanaj – Harnav dam, and there are temples, architecture pilgrims standing to be admired in the deep forest. Take this tour if you can really trek in the forests.
Location: Few mins before Vijaynagar




Kevdi Eco tourism Jetpur – Mandvi – Surat

Jetpur-Kevdi-Eco-Tourism-Campsite-Mandvi-Surat-6This is another Eco campsite with the same name, don’t confuse it for the one near Baroda, this one is near Surat. A small river also accompanies the stretch campus of the campsite. Enjoy bird watching, cycling and a peaceful rest in luxury cottages or tents.
Location: 20 km from Mandvi, Mandvi – Zakav Road

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