Fashion Tips to Give your Sarees a New Twist

Sarees or sari is what trends the highest in India and with any Indian lady willing to dress traditional around the world. The trend never goes out and the fashion just keeps reviving from 70s fashion back in 2016 or the latest quirky style additions to make your saree look rock.

It’s easy to style up a regular saree even without learning all those drape styles! Yes, we are going to quickly change the look of how you look in a normal saree with style tips to add the oomph as per trend. Oh and this article is surely for all those young ladies too who would want to look all traditional but with their modern twists.

1. Try on a simple saree in the normal nivi drape of course and make sure those pleats are evened and pleated together on the shoulder. Add a blazer or unbuttoned stunning jacket over. The jacket can be anything from leather or studded with spikes as long as you know how you are styling this or a simple plain solid blazer to work as your blouse and wear the shoulder pleats over the blazer. So those are two ways to do the blazer style trick.

Blazer Style Trick Designer Saree

2. Now let’s move towards styling your saree with crop tops for work or parties. Yes these are also so vibe and give you an instant modern look. Don’t wear the typical blouse and ditch it for your casual western wear crop top from plain, sequined, printed or dyed whatever it is as long as it matched the whole look. Don’t dress your pallu neatly but you can gather the shoulder drape randomly and pin it with a brooch on your shoulder.

Sonam Kapoor Designer Saree

3. The capes are the talk about this season, so yes try on a classy simple cape, not necessary it is transparent. Wear your saree stunningly with the blouse and then wear on the cape to add that flawless designer designed outfit look. You can also experiment by using the trick to carry the pallu in front, over the cape at the shoulder.

Deepika Padukone & Jacqueline Fernandez Designer Sarees

4. Now you can kill it with a smashy professional quirky diva look by pairing in a white shirt buttoned down look with your saree instead of your blouse. Add on a chunky neck piece at the closed collar neckline to add that edgy dramatic look.

Sonam Kapoor Designer Sarees

5. Lastly I have this wonderful tip to show you how you can wear a saree in a double drape without the effort of draping too much. We saw Sonam Kapoor carrying these styles this season and you can try them on by just using a matching dupatta of your choice to go with the saree. Trick is to wear the saree in an open pallu method and then add the dupatta by wearing it on the other side of the shoulder. Tuck in the end in your waistline over the pleats of saree and drape around your back and take them over your right shoulder from behind. Try the styles to suit your best.

Sonam Kapoor White Designer Saree

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