9 Breakfast Foods for a Healthy Living

Breakfast is said to be your most important meal of the day and yes it is! Don’t skip this meal as it’s the major meal which gives you energy and boosts your immune system. So don’t just eat anything for your breakfast or say nothing at all, grab on some of the best things which are found ready to eat in instantly vitalising your inner and outer body strengths.

Breakfast is not only about immune system and necessary vitamins, in fact even when you are on a diet plan to loose kilo or gain some this is effective time to eat up what you actually need to store up in you tummies.

This is the most effective type of foods you need to consume in the morning. Oats not only help in healthy immune system but have necessary omega-3 fatty acids which are needed as good fats. So i you are gaining weight or losing some, oats are your always choice.


You can have a oatmeal bowl with your liked fruits or plain, or go for a oat meal shake blended with your flavoured milk and fruits.

Greek Yogurt
When it comes to breakfast snack or say a quick bite. Greek yogurt has much protein than the regular ones do, twice protein and health keeping you full. Fat free yogurt for weight loss and yummy creamy yogurt to gain up.

greek yogurt

Grape fruit
This one fruit is a bingo to all breakfast morning fruit habits. Best for immunity and helps maintain blood sugar levels, half a fruit before a meal does help the diabetic patient and helps those trying to lose weight. Others can have this too as its rich in antioxidants.


How can you avoid the banana every morning for growing kids or matured adults to keep the blood pressure well balanced this is perfect. High in potassium and has a carbohydrates which are good for the body. Helps to feel fuller for longer and eat more to speed up weight gain.


Eat your eggs every day, don’t worry about the summer and winter seasons, you can eat eggs anytime and must have one in the morning. High in proteins and Vitamin D, the cholesterol in the egg yolk is good cholesterol which doesn’t affect the blood cholesterol.


Flax seeds
These are the small seeds which are so powerful to give you a whole day effective energy and needed omega-3 fatty acids just in 2 spoons.

The easiest way to have a good immune system and intake of antioxidant foods would be crushed flax seeds powder added to your milk.

flax seeds

Yes, this isn’t the risky caffeine we always talk of, coffee is said to have antioxidants which are good for you. But we are talking about the coffee, don’t add the sugar and milk or flavour to destroy the natural ingredients instead add skim milk.


Instead of the other foods which are fatty, oily or not useful have a bowl of fibrey cereals. Go less in sugar and more in fibre to choose your cereals and that should give you all the fibers to help take proteins.


Brown Whole Wheat Bread
Why wouldn’t you want to eat a nice baked bread for breakfast when you know this can be paired up with so many things to taste brilliant and also fills you up to get all those fibre problem sorted. Rich in carbs and also has good sugar for the blood.

whole wheat bread

Eat it up with your eggs or add on a slob or peanut butter or almond butter. You know how breads taste yum when prepared with your favs as long as they are all healthy. Or here are 121 ways to eat whole wheat bread sandwiches. Tarladalal

So next time when you are having breakfast just remember what you are eating and how it will help you, or will it not. Make a morning breakfast plan where all these 9 foods for breakfasts are consumed by you in a week.

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