10 Must Try Beauty hacks for Lazy Girls

I know that it’s really a very difficult thing to get dresses, do your hair, do your makeup, look presentable when you are having a lazy day or say you are a lazy person…but worries are far away when there are some easy tricks and hacks to try for all those lazy days and lazy girls to look beautiful instantly.

Take a look at these interesting and easy ways to try beauty hacks where you don’t need to visit the parlor for that glow or are running late to get ready after a lazy breakfast.

1). Morning puffy eyes after a long sleep in bed and just got up to run to work, then those under eyes need some help. Use the socked up teabags under your eyes to instantly look fresh and get rid of the puffy eyes.

tea bags for puffy eyes2). Need some instant help with making your eyes look awake? Easy again, use a nude or white eye pencil in your inner waterline instead of the black one.

nude pencil3). Painting your nails just right is easy when you have some glue, simply apply a layer of glue around the cuticle of your nail and let this dry. In no time you can apply your nail paint coat and peel of the glue later.

glue for perfect naipaint

4). You need to get rid of the dullness on your face? And don’t have all the time for a parlor visit. It’s easy, just clean your face and then apply a makeup moisturizer, that’s not too heavy nor will it show your dullness, BB creams and CC creams are the best.

makeup moisturiser5). When you’ve bought a wrong shade of foundation or concealer, use it for contouring your face. A brown lipstick also comes in handy for a classy chick contour when you have no time.

brown lipstick for contouring







6). Use your peachy or pink lipstick for your blush when you are lazy to brush on some blush. Just use your finger tips and pat on some pigment on your chicks.

Lipstick for blush7). Need to get an instant trim for your split ends, by just holding parts of your hair in strands, twisting it tightly and then cut of the ends which stick out.

Split ends removal

8). Instant Glow to your face with only ONE product. There are 3 ways, use a tomato, mash it up and apply directly on face leave on for 10-15 mins. Use aloevera gel from the plant, apply and leave on for 15 mins before wash. Or simply use milk, easy just rub raw milk on your face with a cotton swab and leave on for 10 mins.

instant glow

9). Oily hair remedies calls for a hairstyle which doesn’t show the oil. 1) Tie your hair in a top high bun and take some strands of front flicks or bangs out. 2) You can tie a scarf on your head band section for a more covered look.

hair bun

10.) Dressed up, but creased your clothes in small area? Use a flat hair iron to remove the crease while still wearing the apparel.

hair flat iron

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